Marvel  I Can Do That!™

Marvel I Can Do That!™

Leap… sneak… and target the villain!

Being a Super Hero means facing challenges with a can-do attitude! In this game you will train to be a Super Hero by performing unexpected feats of skill! At any time you may be called upon to put your training to the test by battling the villainous Green Goblin! Have fun and discover all the new things you can do!

Age: 4+
Players: 2 or more

Product Contents:

  • 1 Portal
  • 2 Portal Stands
  • 1 Cosmic Cube
  • 1 Green Goblin
  • 1 Green Goblin Base
  • 1 Spider-Man’s Web
  • 1 Captain America’s Shield
  • 1 Thor’s Hammer
  • 1 Captain Marvel’s Energy Ball
  • 45 Cards
  • Instructions


Available online and at specialty and major retailers nationwide