Dr. Seuss™ – What’s In the Cat’s Hat?™

Dr. Seuss™ – What’s In the Cat’s Hat?™

Use your eyes, ears, fingers, and nose to see what’s inside!

What could be hidden in the cat’s hat—is it an orange? A block? A sock? Choose a card to collect a clue like what letter the object starts with, or what room it belongs in. You might even get to feel the hat with your elbows, poke your finger through a hole, or peek through a special window. Guess the mystery object first to win!

Age: 3+
Players: 2 or more


  • Sensory skills
  • Memory and deductive reasoning
  • Creativity
  • Answering questions accurately

Product Contents:

  • 72 Picture Tiles
  • Instructions


Available online and at specialty and major retailers nationwide