It’s the tell-all party game of what happened and how!

Have you told off a boss? Put on your poker face and watch your friends try to uncover the details. Did you do it as a teen? Was it worth it? The stories they imagine are just as outrageous as the truth!

Age: 17+
Players: 3-8


  • Irresistible box – flippable sequins are eye-catching, tactile, and on-trend
  • Semi-cooperative and conversational gameplay allows players to share their experiences and speculate about the other players
  • Great for parties and after-dinner gaming
  • Meme-worthy situations like “while drunk,” “and I’d do it again,” and “in bed” turn even the most innocuous cards into hilarious moments

Product Contents:

  • 450 Experience Cards
  • 12 Situation Tiles
  • 8 Wager Tokens
  • Instructions


Available online and at specialty and major retailers nationwide